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Shipping & Returns

7 - Return Policy In the day:

When ordering in a damaged state comes or not, you can get the drugs used in the original packaging with the invoice, the same conditions are obtained, and a refund. Our partner email you provided to collect and return to us.

Return Cost Our partner ordered by e-mail provided by the customer to the collection. Customers pay for return the product, shipping costs.

How to start paying?

1, contact with the product within seven days of receipt.

2 before receiving confirmation, customers have to return the product.

3, all products in their original state, without changes and return unused.

Move the paper invoice / warranty on the packaging of the restitution process. If none of the above cases, no return

will be processed Please note that any request within 7 days from the date on which not accept delivery of the order.

We process your refund once we receive the product. This product should not be used if the original packaging with tags and original invoice, or a refund is impossible.

Once started the return process, the amount will be refunded directly into your account, the transaction or check (the amount of the refund check, only the use of customer credit card / flow has the same type of cases not used made the contract).

If the customer pays the amount of cod in the case of the Internet, then inside the certificate of deposit returned product (s) 7-15 working days (ie the advance received money refunded once the product when customers pay in cash) less than the amount by check or online bank Neft Fund (National Electronic Transfer) will be refunded. Refund will be chosen by the customer: 1, if the customer is a product of canceled checks, refund returned within 7-15 days and the amount will be returned by bank NEFT online directly to your account

2, if the customer is not the amount of canceled checks, and the return will be mailed at the time of the application / provide the customer address. It may take up to 30 working days.


We regret the exchange of products, it is impossible However, customers can choose to add that as mentioned again.

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